Only pay for what you need!

Scare Manager works with a pay per actor system. You pay for the number of actors you need for this year. You can always add more actors if needed during the season. These prices are the introduction prices and will not last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question? Look in this list if the anwser might already be here! Otherwise just contact us.

Don't know yet how many user you need?

Sign up just for the amount of roles you have at your event. If you got more actors than roles just add some extra actors to your account so you can at the users.

Why do I need Scare Manager?

There are multiple ways to plan our actors for your scare attraction. Only most of them are an administration overhead. Because you got your actor binder, actor availability list, roles and planning. Scare Manager combines all these things in one easy to use system.

Want your system compleetly setup for you?

This is possible for an additional fee. Depending on the number of actors, attractions and roles. Just contact us for more information.

Your first 10 users are free for a verified attraction

You can get your first 10 users for free. Only thing you need to do is to verify your attraction. This can be done by contacting us. After you done this we will add 10 free users to your account.

All prices are excluding VAT

All prices are excluding the VAT. The VAT will be charged at the payment.

How To Get Started With it?

Just sign up now for a free 7 day trail. Figure out how the system works. After the trail you can extend it with the number of actors you will be needing.

Need help?

You can’t figure out how the system works? That’s not a problem. You can always get in touch with Scare Manager to anwser your question.


Payments can be done by using CreditCard. Just pay the amount of users that you need. And you can use this for 1 year. After this year you can just pay again for the next year. All your information will stay save in the system.

Introduction prices

There introduction price will last till 1st of Augusts. The price will last for the features and the number of actors booked before this date. If you have any questions please contact us.

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