Scare Manager

Don’t scare your manager, use this tool and manage your scares!

Get It Done With Scare Manager

Use the functions for managing your actors and scares.

Create your venue

Create your scare attractions and all the roles. Including the role requirements

Assign the scare actors

Import the actors, assign roles and track availability and skills

Last minute modifications

Quickly see the empty spots in your planning and make last minute changes.

Plan roles by requirement

Assign the right actor to a role. You can search all your actors for the one that has the right skills needed for the role. Requirements can be speech, improvisation, timing or jump scare.

Let the actors directly fill in their availability in Scare Manager

Let your actors do the work by letting them fill in availability online.

Managing Your Scare Attraction Does Not Have to Be Hard.

See in one glance where you focus needs to be with the dashboard

"Managing the excel sheets of doom for planning has always been one of the bad parts of running a scare attraction."

– Horror Nights (NL)

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