Scare Manager is a tool for managing your scare actors. To achieve the most with your planning, use the following features in Scare Manager

Use the availability of the actors directly in your planning

When your actors are added to the database, they will receive an automated email with login details.  The actors are able to sign in to their unique account and fill in the availability. You as manager are able to use this in your planning by easily selecting the available actor on a specific day.

Just drag and drop

Just drag and drop an actor on the role they need to play that day. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Manage you staff members using just one tool. Scare Manager has exciting features and many more to come.

Setup your event

Create your event, attractions, roles and opening dates and time

Import actors

Import your actors by using a simple CSV import or add them manually


Actors can fill in their own availability in the portal online


Add skills to actors and add required skills to the roles. Like Speech, Timing, Jump or Improvisation scare.


Filter on the needed availability and/or skill. Once you found the perfect actor just drag and drop it.

Last minute adjustments

Adjust your planning on the day. Just drag and drop the available actor that needs to step in.


See you venue operations in one glance. Use the dashboard to see where you need to take action


Add a picture to all your actors. This helps you identify who is who easy. You can upload it in Scare Manager

Access Control

Set up permissions levels based on manager roles.

More features coming this summer

During this summer we will be releasing more features to improve the process. If you want to know what is coming, please get in touch!

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